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on Sunday, 18 May 2014.

The need for being centred
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Has anyone else found life just a tad more stressful, tedious and frustrating in the past week or so ? It felt like for every on small step forward there were 2 giant steps backwards ! Hopefully this is the final effects of Mars and all its influences. I am certain that this world has never before known such a high rate of suicides either.

Feeling the stress of the past week,  I took  yesterday off and enjoyed a great morning yoga class at Jivananda Centre with Christine and my friend Glenda. After enjoying brunch together I paid my first visit to the Durban Botanical gardens. What a pleasure it was walking around under these century old trees, capturing the dancing light and watching parents with their children and lovers lying side by side soaking up the winter sun ! Two hours later I emerged back out into the city sounds and felt 100% healed by Mother nature herself. My walk had been a  cleansing meditation, enjoying the natural beauty, the birdlife, fellow humans and peacefulness.

The very existence of these trees are so healing and yet how many of us stop and appreciate them. Not only are they the lungs of Mother Earth but they are continuously cleaning up after us. Providing us with our vital, life giving oxygen. I came back home restored, energised and ready for new challenges.

Thank you mother nature for providing all that we need, all we have to do is a little research and the solutions are there.



Unblock, unleash and energise !

on Monday, 05 May 2014. Posted in General

Create your energy
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Unblock, unleash and energise !

Greetings, as you all know in the yogic tradition  we greet one another with our hands together in theprayer position at our hearts and say   “ Namaste”. I recently  learned the Zulu greeting “ Kosi Nathi” which means the same thing. Both of these greetings are acknowledging the “spirit” or “godliness” in the other person. It is a very polite and heartfelt  gesture to greet in this way, especially if the intention is real and said with love. Then the gesture goes beyond being merely an action and the words become an energetically charged greeting, which has a far greater effect. As we all know, I’m sure, we are a mass of vibrating energy.  We are continuously vibrating at different frequencies throughout the day and our lives. We are completely  unaware  of this until we find ourselves feeling very tired, lethargic and eventually manifesting some form of a disease. Then we are fully aware of the lack of energy we have. If we were more finely tuned into our daily energies, we would pick up on the tell-tale signs and warnings our body gives us well in advance of actually becoming sick.  This way we would be able to take the necessary steps to prevent a full blown illness. In it’s supreme intelligence, the body does not want to be out of homeostasis (balance) so it  spends all day long working to stabilise and maintain equilibrium. This effort uses a tremendous amount of energy on an hourly basis. What throws us out of equilibrium ? Stress in the form of noise, traffic congestion, hard to digest foods such as take outs and over indulgence of animal products, alcohol and even too much physical labour, to name just a few. I am sure you get the idea from these. The more the stressors, the greater the dis-harmony, the harder the body has to work to keep its homeostasis. The less the stressors, the better the harmony and the more energetic the body !  It is absolutely vital to maintain a steady and rhythmic movement of this energy around the body. Sedentary lifestyles lead to more disease than any other factors. We have to “move” the vital energy around the body in order to stay energised, flexible and strong in the muscles,  joints and all the connective tissues. By keeping the spine lubricated, flexible and strong we maximise the connection between the nervous system (the brain ) and the central nervous system (the spine) that feeds  the nerves, the organs, the limbs and every other part of the body.  It’s when we become stagnant with our range of movements that we start to lose what we are not using. This is the first step in the wrong direction, from here it is a downward spiral into further  deterioration of health and well being.

So in closing, may I suggest that you consider today as the first day of the rest of your life, invest in your health and get up and back on track ! It doesn’t matter if you go walking the boardwalk, climb stairs, swim in the tidal pools, join a gym, take up nia, or enjoy daily yoga ! We have so many options . Just do it now, something more than you did yesterday.


Cheryl Lancellas

Yoga safaris

on Thursday, 10 April 2014.

Bush to beach
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Yoga safaris

Namaste, it has been a while since I was able to sit down and write an article for this page. 2014 certainly started in top gear and proceeded to fly downhill ! Hard to believe that we are already here ¼ way into the year. The Yoga Safaris and holidays have certainly kept me on the road for the last few weeks. It is always so enjoyable to be able to share my passion for this wonderful country, our wildlife and yoga. The energy of the great outdoors lends itself perfectly to the open air practice of asanas and pranayamas. Taking a Yoga trip is so much more than your average holiday. It is fun, rejuvenating, adventurous as well as educational !  We are all truly blessed to be able to share time with like- minded people , our enjoyment of travel, adventure combined  with our love of yoga.

The Bush to Beach Safaris are a great combination of what this country of ours has to offer. There are a  two options for these trips.  Firstly we offer the  5 star safaris, everything laid on with luxurious accommodation OR the 3 star option. (this option is great for locals looking for a group to travel with) Both of these are fun, fun, fun and much adventure. We take the first few days on the beach to enjoy everything the Indian Ocean has to offer, then move across to the bush and experience the wildness of the heart  of Africa herself !  From dolphins and whales, to elephants and rhinos all in the same day ! What a country, what a life. Come join in ….

In closing I am starting to put together the next festival here in KZN and we looking at maybe sometime early December .  Its going to be the “Love this life” festival so start thinking of what you would like to find at it because we are running a competition from next week.

Much love and health to you all

Ahimsa, Cheryl

Heart warming 14th February

on Friday, 14 February 2014.

Being present
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Heart warming 14th February

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life.

To be mindful is to be truly alive, present and at one with those around you and with what you are doing. If we managed to truly grasp this, there would be no more pain, suffering and violence on this planet. We would remain in touch with ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbours and therefore incapable of doing harm to either ourselves or to them. This is the true meaning of the Sanskrit word “AHIMSA”, one of 5 of the disciplines under the Sanskrit heading  of Yamas in yogic  philosophy. Seeing as today is Valentines  day today, we have hearts, love and sweet things screaming out at us from all aspects of the media. Is it so hard to demonstrate love on a daily basis that we take only 1 day to celebrate this,the true meaning of life, LOVE ? By trying to adhere to the true meaning of Ahimsa, which is non-violence in thought, action or deed to ANY living creature, we could change our realities into a much more harmonious one.  We would be demonstrating a more loving and caring environment for our children to inherit and in turn pass along to their children. There has NEVER before in the history of mankind, been a more necessary time to take heed of this practice. Everywhere you read and hear about the senseless violence of poaching, killing of the dolphins in Taiji, whales in Denmark, water supplies being polluted,food products filled with chemicals, carjacks, hijacks, “boatjacks” and now kidnapping of families for ransom money from their  husbands.  The list of atrocities is endless ! And we have the audacity to call ourselves “ modern  and evolved man”. Does this strike you, as it does me,  as madness ?  If you are even only half human, I am certain it does . What can we do about making the changes necessary to create a better world for ourselves and our children ? It is such an enormous task that most of us shrink away from trying to do anything. After all, how can I ,one little soul, make a difference in the larger plan of things ? Well, we are more connected and therefore much more influential than we ever dreamed. Ever heard of the 100th monkey effect ?  Read up on it here, a very interesting event that took place and was duly noted. This explains how the “collective consciousness works”  and how we can start the changes we want to see in our world. It’s simple, be the change that you want to see, in your home, in your community, in your country and eventually we will have shared so much loving and peaceful energy, it HAS to spill over into the lives and homes of everyone. Try doing this with love, conviction and purely from your hearts. Let’s make these changes, NOW, this moment, and this moment, and this moment.


Open those hearts to love and light, daily, not just 14th February, and make a difference !

Much Love



Are we digging our graves with our knives and forks ?

on Tuesday, 28 January 2014.

Loss of "Common sense"
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I recently received a link to an article that was published in a UK newspaper under the obituaries section.


Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years.

No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.


He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

--Knowing when to come in out of the rain;

--Why the early bird gets the worm;

--Life isn't always fair;

--Maybe it was my fault......


It goes on further but I will not copy it all in here. I am using it to make a very important point. We don't seem to be able to make educated decisions for ourselves anymore. The saddest part of all, is that those of you reading this are probably already turned on to the truth and its me preaching to the converted. Apologies if this is indeed the case, maybe share the article if you feel it might help someone else.

Wherever I read  "health related" articles I come upon sentences such as... " If you can't pronounce the ingredient, don't eat it. " or "know to be carcinogenic" or " Organic is mostly free of carcinogens" or "processed foods are filled with chemicals" .... the list is endless. What I don't understand is which part are the general population NOT understanding. Why are so many people still supporting all these quick and easy fast food companies that are poisoning us and the environment ? Are they just too lazy to look into the actual source of their food ? Is it ignorance ? I find that hard to believe when technology is so advanced and information is merely a button away . I am inclined to think it's mostly laziness. Too lazy on the part of the mothers to ensure their children are eating foods from a good healthy source, filled with nutrition and not just meaningless calories. It is time consuming to make sure your meals are healthy, but with a little practice, it can be managed. Most supermarkets will try to supply what the consumer is demanding. If we shop like sheep, well then, we will perpetuate the problem. Start demanding what our Grandmothers received, good, fresh, traceable food products. In their natural form ! Unprocessed and free of poisons ! I remember a vegetable truck coming around the neighborhood every thursday. He supplied us all with great fresh produce from the Cape Flats area. We got freshly harvested, seasonal veggies every week ! What's changed, what stopped this wonderful service ? Probably we ourselves stopped it. Maybe its because we couldn't always get ALL the things we wanted like eggs, toilet paper etc. So we reverted to supporting the big chain stores. All I know is, wouldn't it be great to know that every Tuesday or so, at a specific time, your Veggie truck was coming by ? Imagine the environmental footprint of one vehicle driving around the district with fresh, locally grown produce, as opposed to all 300 plus, of us driving backwards and forwards to supermarkets and buying "dead" produce from Israel.

Common sense(yes, i am claiming to still have some) tells me that I should grow what I can, purchase what I can't from organic suppliers and go without what I cannot find locally. (there is a very good reason for "seasonal" foods, we don't need as much Vit. C during summer, as an example)

So, are we indeed digging our way into the grave with our knives and forks ? I am certainly trying my hardest not to. Are you ?

Ahimsa, no harming to ourselves and others.



Self empowerment

on Tuesday, 07 January 2014.

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Self empowerment

Warm wishes to you all at the beginning of a brand new year !  Here's hoping we can open our hearts and lighten our minds more and more this year !

Let 2014 be the year for you, make it exactly what it needs to be for your own personal growth and development. (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually)

I have dedicated this year 2014 to LOVE ! I intend to open my heart to be loved and to love every sentient being on this Earth, fully and in every possible way.

Here at S A Yoga Safaris the new year kicks off with a dolphin/yoga therapy trip at the end of Feb. (fully booked) with many other dates already on offer for weekend and week long retreats. Please take note of the "locals only " Bush to beach safari in June. This is a most affordable trip for like minded yogis and yoginis to enjoy the big 5, ocean 6 and plenty of time on the mat in unique and wonderful natural surroundings.

February also marks the start of the 200 hr teacher training course of 2014. Please make sure to register before the end of January as numbers are restricted to 10 students only. This course runs over one weekend a month throughout the year and we are affiliated with UK Yoga Alliance so it is an Internationally accredited certification . There is no better way to take your own personal Yoga to the next level. Be empowered by gaining a deeper understanding of Yoga and the effects on your body. Learn to share this new knowledge with others in your area, spread the love of movement, meditation and self control as far and wide as possible. Let's make the changes we want to see in this world !

Looking out for you on the mat




Sthira and Sukkah

on Tuesday, 03 December 2013. Posted in General

Steady and comfortable
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Sthira and Sukkah

Namaste, steady and comfortable, two simple words that say so very much and are often spoken of in the yoga class. Looking back on my life I see this is exactly what I have always searched for. Something and someone reliable, steadfast, true and a good fit ! If only life was so simple ! I see now that actually life itself is anything but steady and comfortable. Change is inevitable, hardships are to be expected and people will let you down time and time again. That is if you set yourself up for disappointment. As I have journeyed forward on this Yogic route, I have tried to stay more in the moment, (accept what is, actually there is really no other choice ), roll with the punches, find the lesson in each trial and tribulation and most of all, make my own happiness. This way there can be no bitter disappointments, resentments and anti-climaxes. It's all part of the amazing journey we so casually agree is life !!! So if we are approaching "life" and our choices as boldly as we should, should we then not approach our yoga practice with the same tenacity ? I truly believe we should ! Maybe not every single session, or for the entire time on the mat, but I do feel that we need to dig deep and take ourselves out of the comfort zone every now and again. This is where we experience the growth spurts, where we find those "aha" moments of dropping into a posture deeper than before and feeling the sheer joy of letting go of a past memory that's been the cause of a restriction in a certain way. The limitless abundance of experiences to be had demonstrates to me that we do indeed need to sometimes push that little bit harder in order to move forward into a deeper and quieter place. As with everything in life, it's about the balance. We need to enjoy moments of steady and comfortable interspersed with times of effort and intelligent discomfort. This is the way forward to uncovering more of the incredible potential we all have deep inside ourselves.

I am writing this article as i sit with my teachers training students, soon to be Yoga teachers, as they take their theory examination. This is not a comfortable experience for any of us and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them all on their decision to embark on this course regardless of the outcome or results achieved academically. Each one of them have worked hard, grown and absorbed so much more than just my annoying voice as i have guided them through the last few months ! I have huge respect and admiration for you all. May you all stay on track, take time to notice who you are but never forget who you were ! Teach wisely and with compassion, lots of love and Ahimsa


Yoga as a daily practice

on Saturday, 16 November 2013. Posted in Quotes and Lessons

"yoga = to yoke, join "
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Yoga as a daily practice

The original purpose of yoga practice is to influence, integrate and harmonise all of the 5 energetic layers of the human being. These koshas (sanskrit name) are energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core, moving from the more dense physical body to the much lighter spiritual body. These make up the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual or soul bodies. Yoga works on the physical body by alleviating stiffness, removing physical blockages such as tiredness and various diseases by moving the energy around as it was designed to do. It works on the energy body by regenerating the different organs and systems with rejuvenating energy. Yoga influences the mental state by balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain with regular asanas and breathing techniques. It helps to strengthen the mental concentration, self discipline and therefore helps develop awareness of the spiritual body for meditation and thus leads to a higher sense of self awareness. By following a simple 30 minute daily routine, yoga will help increase not only your quantity, but more importantly your quality of life.

"If you don't take care of your body, where will you live ?"

If you would like to benefit from our 30 minute , safe and simple yoga routine for everyday use, mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send via dropbox.

Next week, we will bring your attention to the 7 chakras, providing you with all the details of each, one chakra at a time.



Walk gently with Grace and Ease !

on Thursday, 24 October 2013. Posted in General

Flow gracefully move easily
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Walk gently with Grace and Ease !

Well here we are again just weeks away from winding down for the year 2013 ! The last 2 months of the year seem to be more pressurised than any others .  There’s  end of year exams,  end of year  targets to be met, end of year  functions to be arranged and of course, the decisions to be made about where and with whom  Christmas will be shared. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my students on the teacher Training course as well as ALL students everywhere, all of the very best in their studies and preparations for finals.

If you have started with short sittings of meditation practice you will most definitely see how you manage the year end pressures with gentle ease and grace. Take just 10-15 minutes a day to enhance your life, it’s that easy ! If you would like to find more information of both yoga classes and meditation techniques e mail me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will help wherever I can. It’s never too late to make small changes that have long lasting benefits.

We are leaving for the last yoga/dolphin therapy trip  for 2013 on 24th to 30th November and still have 2 beds left. This is R5900 pp sharing and is inclusive of transport to and from King Shaka airport, dinner, bed and breakfast, x 2 daily yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditations plus  x 2 trips on dolphin boat. It is a wonderful adventure offering a combination of relaxation with dolphin encounters as well as taking your Yoga a little deeper. We stay right on the beach so are able to enjoy sun salutations with nothing between us and the sun we are celebrating except of  course, the Indian ocean !  I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining us for this excursion.

In closing I would like to add some food for thought :

The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own  life is the source from which  self-respect springs. “  Joan Didion


on Wednesday, 09 October 2013. Posted in General

How to achieve pure joy
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“May we bring our full hearted attention to ourselves and each other, that the world around us may flourish in tender care ! “

Greetings to all you wonderful readers, I hope this finds you in great spirits and pure joy ! Staying in the vein of our previous article that our thoughts make what we are, what we manifest and how we experience our lives, the above quote is the thought for this week. If we bring our full awareness to ourselves, then and only then will we realise how we feel when someone is nasty or negative towards us. By placing this focus on how we ourselves respond to this, we will become aware of the power this negativity has upon our own energy. It is only when we learn to let go of the negativity, not rise to it or attach to it, that we are able to live our lives in a more calm and balanced way. Once we achieve this, it is then that we are able to be more mindful of our own actions towards each other.  When we start to treat our friends, family and fellow creatures on this great earth with love and compassion, we can start to truly LIVE and walk our talk.

It may sound difficult to be non-attached, but just like everything else, it requires training. The best way to do this is to start meditating. I have sometimes found that the very word “meditation” conjures images of eastern religions, idol worship and other such disturbing ideas. This is in fact not true. To meditate actually means the art of focusing 100% of your attention to one area. The benefits on health alone is a reason to start this practice. If you take a few minutes each day, sit in a comfortable position, either on the floor, or even on a chair, keep the spine erect, relax the neck and shoulders, lightly close the eyes and gently bring attention to your breath, you have started the process.  Become fully aware of the breath going in the nostrils and the slightly warmer air going out the nostrils. This is indeed a difficult thing as the mind jumps around from this to that and to the next thing. Try to keep bringing the attention back to the breath, you might need to do this a hundred times during the 3-5 minutes of sitting, but with practice you will be able to hold attention on the breath for longer each time.  Just as the physical body needs to practice being still, so will the mind learn what you want from it. Over a few weeks you can build this sitting up to about 15-20 minutes. The health benefits alone are worth making this time for practice. Try it, be sure to let me know of any improvements in health, stress levels, concentration and emotions.

With much love, joy and ahimsa


Cheryl Lancellas / Fully-qualified Yoga Teacher
Contact: (+27)(0) 22 972 1636   ~   (+27)(0) 86 613 3233   ~   (+27)(0) 84 090 2083   ~   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.